BetaBASE is a bioresorbable bone replacement from microporous and macroporous β-tricalcium phosphate. BetaBASE consists of pure-phase β-TCP. Read More


BetaBASE MP is a bioresorbable Bone Replacement Material of pure β‑tricalcium phosphate with interconnecting porosity. Read More


BioBASE is a bioresorbable bone replacement from microporous and macroporous α-tricalcium phosphate. Biobase is an inorganic, bioresorbable bone replacement from pure-phase α-tricalcium phosphate. Read More


BioBASE AP is a bioresorbable Bone Substitute for the Augemtation of Bone Defects α-Tricalcium phosphate. BioBASE is a synthetic Granulate consisting of phase-pure α-tricalcium phosphate. Over the last 20 years BioBASE has been clinically tested in a very wide range of indications. Read More


PolyPIN is a bioresorbable bone pin from polylactide. Metal implants are normally removed in a second operation, once the bone has healed.
This not only means additional expense, but is also stressful for the patient!
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EpiGARD is a synthetic skin replacement for temporary wound dressing. Epigard cleans the wound and simultaneously maintains the moist environment which optimally conditions the wound for subsequent skin transplants. Read More


LeadFIX is a bioresorbable membrane pin made from polylactide. The clinical use of resorbable membranes for guided bone regeneration constitutes a new approach in dental surgery. Read More