About us

BIOVISION is specialized in development, production and distribution of absorbable and non-absorbable implants. The in-house manufacturing includes following medical areas:

Orthopedics/Traumatology/Dental Surgery:

  • Processing of absorbable polymers with injection molding techniques
  • Manufacturing of absorbable and long-term stable ceramics
  • Manufacturing and processing of absorbable composites consisting of a combination of polymers and ceramics
  • Processing of wound dressings

In addition, Biovison is technically able to produce also non-absorbable implants. Very promising tests with PEEK have been carried out successfully.

Our presence in B2B-, such as B2C-business allows us to develop, distribute and/or to cooperate with re-sellers the products for a wide range of markets and countries. Biovision has its strength in flexibility, a company which is well established and successful in growth market. Specialized Know-How, which led to several advancement awards, guarantees a sustainable prosperous future.