You will find frequently asked questions and answers here. We have compiled this information for your assistance. It should help to provide you with a quick and easy response to your questions.


What is the difference between Biobase and Betabase?

BioBASE                                     BetaBASE
Longer resorption                      Shorter resorption
Metastable form                         More thermodynamically stable form
Firmer grain                               Softer grain
High temperature form              Low temperature form
(monocline)                                (rhombohedral)                 


When should the Epigard be changed?

= Within 48 hours. Not longer! Epigard is intended for one-time use.

Is it OK to cut the Epigard to an appropriate size for the wound?

= Yes. It is OK to cut the Epigard to size when wearing disposable gloves and using sterile bandage scissors.

What is the shelf life of Epigard?

= The product has a batch number (month/year of manufacturer). From the batch number the Epigard has a shelf life of a further 5 years, if it is guaranteed that the packaging has been stored under sterile conditions in a dry and cool place.


It is OK to use the Mycare suit more than once?

= No. The suit will be contaminated with germs and is therefore only suitable for one-time use when treating a patient. After this, it must be disposed of.



What are the advantages of Polypin over metal implants?

= A second operation to remove the metal is not required.

Is Polypin tolerated by all patients in general terms?

= Yes. It exhibits exceptional tissue tolerance.

Over what period of time does Polypin degrade fully within the body?

= Full degradation is complete within a 24-month period.

In what sizes is Polypin available?

= It is available in 3 sizes: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.7 mm.


Other questions:


Does a minimum order volume apply to the products?

= No. We deliver all products from an order volume of 1 unit.

Do you accept the return of unsold goods?

= Yes. If the batch no. indicates that the products have a remaining shelf life of at least 3 years. Please contact us befor the return of goods: or (+49) 3677-6407-10. Thank you.


Are you present at trade fairs and congresses?

= Yes. You can find the latest trade fair and congress dates in our "Diary dates" section.

Do you have an external sales representative / employee available as a personal point of contact for questions and product presentations?

= Yes. One of our external sales representatives will be delighted to visit you. Please contact our office in Wiesbaden to arrange an appointment.