Biobase AP is a bioresorbable Bone Substitute for the Augemtation of Bone Defects ɑ-Tricalcium phosphate. Biobase is a synthetic Granulate consisting of phase-pure ɑ-tricalcium phosphate. It being a chemically synthesized substance precludes the risk of infection an immune reactions. Over the last 20 years Biobase has been clinically tested in a very wide range of indications.  

Biobase AP has been licensed by the German Federal Health Office (published in the Federal Gazette Volume 43, Nr. 90, 17.05.1991, p. 3269) and is thus the first bioactive, resorbable bone substitute to be approved in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Biobase AP fufills the requiremtents of the "ASTM F 1088-87" - "TCP for Surgical Impantation". It is manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines. Only a few pure ɑ-tricalcium phosphate without non-resorbable hydroxyapatite components. It exhibits excellent bioactive properties:

A special surface modification, charracteristic of Biobase AP, leads to increased calcium elution during the initial phase of the healing process which, in turn, stimulates resorption and bone regeneration at the defect site.