Easy to Use

The highly-porous Betabase MP granules are extremely hydrophilic, resulting in a very cohesive and easy to handle material after hydration. This allows for the graft to be placed in defects of any size and shape with relative ease.



The resorption of Betabase MP leads to exclusive products which are property of the body fluids (calcium ions, phosphate ions) and are not exceeding their physiologic variability during the course of bioresorption. New bone growth and resorption of the granuIes occur parallel proportional, i.e. while new bone forms within the defect, the bone replacement material is at the same time resorbed. According to the granule size, the resorption process should normally be concluded after 9 to 12 months depending on the regeneration dynamic of the patient. The completed resorption is detectable by radiograph control for the purpose of implant insertion.  


Betabase MP is available in 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml bottles. Betabase MP is supplied sterile and free of pyrogens and, provided the packaging remains undamaged, at room temperature has a storage life of 5 years.